Laurent Donzé’s vast collection, which was acquired by the museum foundation, makes up the majority of the institution’s inventory. The collection began in the 1970s with the first pieces mostly relating to cross-country skiing, the sport Laurent Donzé practised and was fascinated by. Over time, he felt a growing desire to keep a more comprehensive record of the history of skiing. That’s how the collection first branched out into alpine skiing and later other disciplines. Without a clear common thread, the collection trod a winding path, paved with chance encounters and coincidence. All of the equipment collected was displayed in the barn at Laurent Donzé’s converted farmhouse, a location whose unusual charm delighted its occasional visitors. Once the collection reached a certain scale, it soon caught the attention of the media and some museums.

Donating to the museum

The museum is always on the lookout for new objects and documents to add to the collection. If you would like to make a donation, please send images and a brief description of your item(s) to The museum will decide which items are most relevant to the collection on a case by case basis.

Collection highlights

Beetschen bindings

Pair of Molitor boots

Pair of ‘Gotthard Soldat’ skis, Balata bindings


The museum collection contains several thousand objects, including skis, boots, bindings, poles, waxes and other ski accessories. The inventory also includes various documents such as postcards, brochures and magazines. The library contains no less than 1200 works dedicated to skiing.